Sunday, January 6, 2013

day 60

Note: I had this drafted on Thursday but got too busy with work to finish adding photos and post.  Forgive me?  I'll have a weekend update done soon (hopefully).

Happy New Year!  I don't have a whole lot to report, other than it's finally turned frigid in Cheese Country.  Our basement floor was poured last week (day 53), but it has been too cold to finish pouring the concrete for our porches and garage.  They were hoping to get it done yesterday, but it was still too cold.  I think it's supposed to 'warm up' on Sunday and Monday, so I'm crossing my fingers it gets done then.

The carpenter was back on Sunday (day 56) to construct the basement stairs and our fireplace has also been installed.  Otherwise, we're in waiting mode.

It's my understanding that once the remaining concrete is poured, we need another inspection.  But, until the inspection happens, they can't continue work inside.  I'm trying to stay away from the lot, because driving by and not seeing any progress is a bit of a bummer.  I don't want anyone to rush the work and have it done improperly, but I'm anxious to move in!  We did go out as a family on New Year's Day so that I could see the stairs/basement and so that E could ride his Plasma Car around.  I will admit, the perk to a partially finished house is watching the joy in E's face as he runs around and gets to play with balls, cars and Nerf guns without the worry of breaking anything.  I suppose that will last for awhile, though, since we're not planning to finish the basement right away.  Speaking of the basement - want to see pictures?

[looking east - standing under flex room]
[looking west - standing under bedroom]
[looking south - standing under bedroom]
[looking east - standing under master bath]
[looking northeast - standing under master closet]
In other news - we heard from our Landlord that one of the Condo showings has more than likely turned into a sale.  The couple wants to buy it but needs to sell their house first.  At best, he warned us they'd like to be in mid-March.  At best, our house will be completed at the end of March.  Eeek.  I'm trying not to freak out.  Instead, I'll keep thinking about the pretty granite we get to pick out on Saturday.  Can't wait!

And, since I'm a little behind on photos, here are some of the latest shots from the outside:

[stone moved, siding delivered, plastic hung]
[keeping the ground warm in preparation for pouring the back porch]
[house is officially under lock and key!]
[just hanging out, waiting to be hung]


  1. What is the brand color of your siding and shakes? We are building a home this summer and are looking for this color! Thank you!
    Tonya Jensen

    1. Hi Tonya! So sorry for the late response! The siding is Quest Double 5" by Mastic in Harbor Grey and the shake is 7" Weathered Split Shake by The Foundry in Colonial Grey. Hope your build is going well!