Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I need help!  Well, lots of help.  But I'm going to start with a simple poll first.  Which curtains for E's room?

Both are from Land of Nod and they're more than I'd like to pay, but E's room is on the east side of the house and the morning sun is making it hard for him to sleep in.  It's also tough as it stays light later - he keeps asking us to "turn the lights out" at bedtime.  It's hard to explain we can't turn the sun off!

Left: Color Edge Curtain Panels (in green)
Middle: E's room - there are small windows that flank each side of the bed (one shown) and another large window to the left of the bookshelf
Right: All Solar Systems Curtain Panels

I'm leaning towards the green and white ones, which I think will keep the room bright and crisp.  I'm afraid the other ones might make the room seem too dark, even though the colors are spot on.  I'm contemplating only hanging one panel on each of the small windows (pushed towards the left on the left window and pushed towards the right on the right window), but I'm not sure.  Would two look better?

To recap:
1) Curtains on the left or the right?  Or something else?
2) How should I hang them?  2 panels to window?  Or just one panel on the smaller windows?

PS - I have two posts in draft, just waiting to be finished - so hopefully I'll have a real update soon!  I'm not abandoning this lil blog quite yet :)