Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I need help!  Well, lots of help.  But I'm going to start with a simple poll first.  Which curtains for E's room?

Both are from Land of Nod and they're more than I'd like to pay, but E's room is on the east side of the house and the morning sun is making it hard for him to sleep in.  It's also tough as it stays light later - he keeps asking us to "turn the lights out" at bedtime.  It's hard to explain we can't turn the sun off!

Left: Color Edge Curtain Panels (in green)
Middle: E's room - there are small windows that flank each side of the bed (one shown) and another large window to the left of the bookshelf
Right: All Solar Systems Curtain Panels

I'm leaning towards the green and white ones, which I think will keep the room bright and crisp.  I'm afraid the other ones might make the room seem too dark, even though the colors are spot on.  I'm contemplating only hanging one panel on each of the small windows (pushed towards the left on the left window and pushed towards the right on the right window), but I'm not sure.  Would two look better?

To recap:
1) Curtains on the left or the right?  Or something else?
2) How should I hang them?  2 panels to window?  Or just one panel on the smaller windows?

PS - I have two posts in draft, just waiting to be finished - so hopefully I'll have a real update soon!  I'm not abandoning this lil blog quite yet :)


  1. Hi Lot 23,

    Have been following your blog as we build our home, should be moving in 3 months. Have you considered a roman shade? They have blackout ones as well. You've got the bed and bookcase close to the window and a pulled back curtain will block some of that. They are very easy to sew, lots of tutorials online. I like both curtains, the window doesn't look very wide so you could just do one curtain. Two curtains would make that space crowded. I'd pull the curtains open towards the walls not the bed, it keeps the room looking bigger that way. I've enjoyed your blog and looking forward to an update.

  2. I like the green and white curtain. I would start with one curtain on each window and push them towards the wall (away from the bed). My guess is that during the day you are probably always going to have them open except during nap time. The Roman shade is a good idea as well, however, they still let some light in on the sides. We have blackout curtains in our toddlers room and they work great on making it dark during nap and bed times.

  3. I'll put my vote in for the green and white curtains, I agree that it would keep the room nice and bright (I would definately take advantage of that bright light during the day!) We have 2 large sets of windows and two single windows flanking the space that perfectly holds our tv and console in our living room. We have casement windows, so they are tall and narrow. I put up single panels that fall to the floor on the windows flanking our tv and they work out well, while still having somewhat of a more modern feel. We pull them to the side like you mentioned. Its enough fabric to cover the windows at night while still having a "loose" look and dont look to heavy on the narrow windows as much as I think 2 panels might. Bonus-The blackout curtains act like extra insulators on really hot summer days or windy winter days when the wind is blowing off the lake from the east! When we are away at work I often close them to cut down on air condioning costs. Its amazing how much it helps even if you have newer windows!

    Emily :)

    ps. his quilt (I want to say it was) grandma made is too freaking cute! I love it with the framed pictures above the bed!

  4. My vote for green & white curtain. I like to buy this types of curtains for windows... Thanks

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  7. I vote for the green one! You're definitely correct when you say that it would keep the room bright. Regarding with his fuss about the light, perhaps you could add a silhouette so you won't have to explain about why you 'can't turn off the sun.
    → Roxie @

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