Tuesday, April 16, 2013

day 160

I slipped away to the house for a bit on Saturday morning to take photos before we started filling it up. Our walk-through was on Friday afternoon and we still have a punch list of items to complete, but I'm thankful we were able to receive occupancy and avoid a short-term hotel stay.

The punch list isn't too crazy and includes things like: patch drywall, touch up paint, install hood extender, replace master bedroom carpet, fix leaky sink, tighten tub faucet, finish installing plumbing fixtures, caulk around windows, shim squeaky floor, trim closet door, add additional shelf brackets, etc.

We also have a to-do list, which includes: hanging curtain rods/blinds, installing cabinet hardware, hanging bathroom fixtures (TP holders, towel rings, etc.) and installing the washer/dryer.  My father-in-law was able to get the hardware installed and we hung those temporary paper blinds over most windows.  Hubby took care of the washer/dryer and will start installing the remaining bathroom fixtures this week.  Progress!

In other words, it's mostly done.  But the contractors are working hard to make sure it's totally done soon.  The drywall guy, carpet crew, carpenter and plumbers were all here today.  And the painter is supposed to be coming tomorrow.  I'm finally seeing the light that we'll be wrapping up soon!

I'll continue to share photos as we personalize this house and make it our home, but I wanted to make sure I documented what it looked like on move-in day.

Without further ado...

[exterior - still need to paint trim, stain door and pour sidewalk/driveway]
[foyer - still need to stain door]
[living room from foyer - still need to touch up paint]
[dining area from living room]
[flex room]
[living room from flex room]
[dining area - still need a great rug!]
[living room from dining area]
[dining area and my gorgeous handmade table]
[kitchen - before hardware was installed]
[kitchen - before hardware and hood extender]
[kitchen - before hardware]
[kitchen - before hardware]
[kitchen - before hardware]
[E's room from hallway]
[E's room/closet]
[E's room]
[main bath - before hardware, plumbing and mirrors]
[spare bedroom]
[spare bedroom/closet]
[powder room before pedestal sink]
[laundry room before washer/dryer]
[drop zone before hardware]
[hallway off kitchen - master bedroom at end, basement stairs on right]
[master bedroom]
[master bathroom]
[master bathroom tub]
[master bathroom vanity]
[master bathroom vanity]
[master bathroom shower]
[master bathroom shower]
[master bathroom]
[master bath vanity]
Hopefully I'll be back with moving stories and more interior shots later this week.  Until then, you'll find me unpacking, working and sleeping.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those wood floors. I am in love. I am your newest follower!

  2. Amy - Can you tell us more about the tub. Did you guys like the Reverie bathtub? Was it big enough? Quality?


    1. Hi Jay! I'm so sorry I'm this late in responding. We LOVE the tub! It's definitely big enough and we're more than happy with the quality -- especially for the price. We'd purchase and install again in a heartbeat. Hope that helps!

  3. Awesome house, Amy! I'm sure all your energy have been drained out of your system during your unpacking. But I can see that it's all worth it. I may be almost a year late, yet I still want to congratulate you on your new house. You're lucky to have this cozy house! How are you now? :)

    Leonard George @ Remax-Crest-Vancouver-BC

  4. I LOVE your home! Could you possibly direct me on where to find this floor plan? Thank you!


    1. Hi Lisa! So sorry for the late response - we had a baby at the end of April and I've fallen a bit behind! Our floor plan is something our builder drew up for us, but it's similar to this one: http://www.architecturaldesigns.com/house-plan-51116MM.asp. Hope that helps!

  5. Amy, I discovered your blog while looking for home inspiration (my husband and I just started the process of building a house) and read it end to end -- thank you for taking the time to chronicle your journey! Your home is (and I'm sure continues to be) absolutely beautiful. Just wanted you to know you still have people reading! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I keep meaning to get on here and post an update, but we recently had a baby and I can't seem to get the house in order long enough to take pictures :) Hopefully soon! Good luck with your build!!