Tuesday, December 4, 2012

day 27 (on day 30)

Finally some daylight photos!  As of Saturday, all of the walls were up and the roof trusses were ready to be put into place.  We ran by tonight and the sheathing is almost completely on the roof.  After months of nothing, it's crazy how quickly things are progressing now.

Without further ado, here's the tour as of Day 27:

[up the driveway]
[through the back door]
[laundry room - first door on the right]
[drop zone and powder room - after the laundry room]

[basement stairwell...well, sort of - after the drop zone/powder room]
[master bedroom - at the end of the hall - view from the door]
[master bedroom - view from the closet]
[master bedroom closet - view from bathroom toward back of house]
[master bathroom - view from closet toward front of house]
[view from back hallway - kitchen on left - dining area on right - great room straight ahead]
[left out of the hallway and into the kitchen - window faces front of house]
[view from the kitchen to the dining area - windows face back of house]

[view from great room to dining area - master bedroom in the background]
[into the great room from the kitchen - flex room on the left]
[looking into the great room from the front door/foyer - flex room on right]
[bedroom facing front of house - through hallway off great room]
[looking from front bedroom toward bathroom and back bedroom]
[back bedroom]
And from the outside:
[front - looking south - windows from L to R: bedroom, foyer, flex room, kitchen, garage]
[side - looking west - windows from L to R: bedroom, bathroom, bedroom]
[back - looking north - windows from L to R: master bedroom, dining area, great room, bedroom]
[back porch! - great room windows and fireplace]

[side - looking east - garage doors and window in master bath]
[front porch!]
[our Christmas decor! - under the kitchen window]
[stone is stacked and ready to go]

We made several lighting/fan choices over the weekend and even stopped by Menards tonight to pick up three more fixtures.  While there, we were able to extend our bathtub hold until the end of the month.  Crossing my fingers that we'll have somewhere to store it at the house by December 31; otherwise, it will be coming to live in the kitchen of our condo.  I've always wanted a bathtub dining table.

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  1. Keep it up darling! I love reading your posts!!