Saturday, December 29, 2012

lighting, take 2

I think we finally have all of our lighting fixtures picked out.  And I also think we managed to make the selections without raised voices.  The phrase, "just make a decision and get what you want", might have been thrown out a time or two, though.  Maybe. It's all about compromise, people.  Example?  There are FOUR ceiling fans in our house.  FOUR.  That was obviously a Hubby decision.  There are also four drum shades in our house.  But that's a good four.  Obviously my decision.

We had previously made selections for the foyer and kitchen sink lights, living room fan, dining area light, exterior lights and kitchen and bath pendants (recapped here).  We did end up returning both the kitchen and bath pendants, however.  The kitchen ones didn't have the best reviews online and the ones we'd selected for the bathroom weren't made for damp areas.  Additionally, our electrician advised against pendant lights in the bathroom, as they just don't provide proper lighting.  Bummer.

When we returned the kitchen pendants to Lowes, we were able to find lights for the hallways (two for the back hallway and one for the bedroom hallway) that weren't boob lights - hooray!  I've been eyeing different versions of the 'schoolhouse light' online and really like the style.  When I spotted one at Lowes for only $44.97, I pounced.  And, by pounced, I mean coerced my son into crawling under the bottom shelf to retrieve boxes that had been pushed too far back for me to reach.  Don't worry, he was rewarded with a very annoying, singing Rudolph toy.  We both won.
[allen + roth Semi-Flush Mount Light from Lowes]
I found replacement kitchen pendants when I was browsing through lighting catalogs and was pleased to see they were in the affordable category when I looked them up online.  For now, I've ordered two of these to hang above the peninsula that separates the kitchen and dining area.  I'm considering ordering a third, but I don't want it to be too busy.
[Murray Feiss Urban Renewal pendant from Build]
To keep things simple, and because I liked the fixture, I decided to use the same semi-flush drum light in our master bedroom closet, the flex room and the laundry room.  Isn't she pretty?  I was worried about the amount of light she'd put out (not sure why she's a she?), but the fixture calls for two 26w CFL bulbs, so it should be plenty.
[Progress Lighting Semi Flush Light (Inspire) from Build]
In the powder room and second bathroom, at our electrician's recommendation, we decided to use three-light vanity fixtures.  The second bathroom will have two fixtures, so I can hang a mirror below each one.  The powder room will just have the one.  Many thanks to everyone on Facebook who provided input on which fixture we should choose.  Ultimately, most everyone agreed with our favorite, which also happened to be the more expensive one.  Isn't that always the case?  I'm thinking I might end up using the other option we'd selected when we get around to finishing the basement.
[Murray Feiss Harvard Bathroom Fixture from Build]
For the master bathroom, we're going to use four wall sconces (in addition to can lights).  Each mirror will have sconces that flank both sides.  I'm pretty sure I'll have the lights hung downward, but I'm not 100% sure.  Any recommendations?
[Progress Lighting Transitional Sconce from Build]
Finally, Hubby talked me into picking up inexpensive ceiling fans for E's room and the spare bedroom.  I fought it as long as I could, but finally gave in.  They were quite affordable and will definitely be functional.  If only they were just a tad prettier...
[Harbor Breeze 44-in Bellevue Ceiling Fan from Lowes]
I'm still holding out for a sale at Crate and Barrel so I can order my dining area light, but we are otherwise D-O-N-E.  Thanks to everyone who offered website suggestions, gave feedback and suggested ways to get discounts!  You guys are the best.

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