Monday, December 10, 2012

day 36

I started this post last Thursday (day 32), but was interrupted by life.  Imagine that?  E had a fever Wednesday evening and Thursday, so I stayed home with him for a sick day.  Hubby turned the big 3-0 on Friday and we headed out of town over the weekend to celebrate.  Unfortunately, I picked up a nasty bug while we were gone and am having my own sick day today.  So thankful my fever finally broke this afternoon and I'm starting to feel semi-human again.  Moving from the bed to the couch and getting a shower is progress, right?

Update through day 32:

Hubby was anxious to see what all they had gotten done since morning, so we headed back by that night when we ran to the grocery store.  I should note - the Lot and store are in opposite directions.  We're really just that excited.  It's like Christmas morning every time we go out there and see more done. "Look!  Another board is up!"  "Did you see that pile was moved?"  "Oh!  Another hole!"  It's actually a little pathetic.  Anyway, by that evening the roof had almost been completed and the windows had been delivered.

Update through day 36:

I took my in-laws by the Lot when they were in town on Friday afternoon (day 33) and, by then, most of the windows were hung.  Last night (day 35), when Hubby ran by again, he said all the windows were up, doors were hung and that some of the duct work had been started.  We also received an e-mail from the electrician today and set up our appointment to meet with him to do our electrical walk through tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed I'll be less zombie-like in another 20 hours!  In the mean time, any suggestions on electrical solutions?  Things you did and loved?  Things you didn't do and wished you had?

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