Monday, December 3, 2012

through the years

So many updates from the past few days, but I'm too tired to try to get through them all.  My mom took E for the weekend, so Hubby and I were able to work on house stuff and Christmas shopping.  Outside of getting up and getting ready in the morning, we were gone all day each of the past two days.  It was nice to be able to run from store to store without a toddler, but I was so glad to pick up my little man this afternoon.  He had a great time with Nana and we were able to get quite a bit done, so it was a win-win for everyone.

More detailed updates to come but since last Thursday we have: met with our Construction Manager, taken updated house photos, chatted with neighbors, looked at way too many light fixtures (and even purchased a few!), started decorating for Christmas and shopped til we dropped.  Phew.  I think I'm even more tired now that I've typed it out.  It was a crazy week at work for me, so I was glad for a full weekend of non-work activities.  And what a weekend it was - temperatures in the upper 50s/lower December.  Such a treat!

[sneak peek of Saturday's progress]
Hubby put our Christmas tree up on Thursday night but we didn't finish 'fluffing' it or start putting ornaments on until tonight.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that tears up looking at old ornaments and remembering past Christmases.  Our life has changed so much in the past few years and I couldn't help but get teary eyed thinking of all of the Joy we've been blessed with.  The biggest change since 2010 has been this little guy:

(5 months - First House)



(17 months - First House)

(29 months - "Temporary House")

It's hard to imagine that life used to exist without him.  


  1. Such cute Christmas photos. :)

  2. Just found your blog! I am so excited to read through it all! My husband and I are supposed to break ground this week (Weather has been terrible though, so expecting delays). If you'd like to follow ours the link is : ..nothing too exciting yet for us though ;)

  3. Hi Britni! Thanks for stopping by; I'm so sorry I'm just now responding. Just started catching up on your blog from the beginning. LOVE your floorplans - the house is going to be gorgeous!