Wednesday, November 28, 2012

day 22

I ran out to the Lot during lunch yesterday to grab a few daylight photos but my iPhone decided to randomly shut down after the first few shots.  Annoying.  Here’s what I captured before it powered down.

[proud renters of a porta-potty and dumpster!]
[side load garage]
[partial exposure basement]
[looking southwest]
[front of the house!]
 If you look closely in the photo above, you can see the red bow hanging from below our kitchen window.  I'm not sure who hung it, but I still smile like crazy when I think about it.  Who would've thought a bit of red ribbon could bring so much joy.  I can't wait to fully decorate next year!

From what I could tell tonight when I drove past (which wasn't much, honestly; it's pretty dark at 11 pm), I don't think anything has changed since Sunday evening.  We did approve our first draw request on Monday and today the granite supplier contacted us to set up a day to pick out our counters -- exciting stuff!

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