Wednesday, November 21, 2012

master bath inspiration

Remember the whole "I really hope all of decisions we're making come together cohesively" statement I made a few days ago?  Well, this is my attempt at starting the get an idea of what the master bath will look like once it's all put together.  Fun and scary at the same time!  I should be going to bed instead of playing with this, but knowing I don't have to work tomorrow has left me wide awake.  I suppose it's better than being wide awake on a night I do have to go to work, though.

vanity: via Chalet Development
tile: San Michele Vein-Cut Tile by Daltile
toilet room: via HGTV Rate my Space
tub: Reverie Freestanding Tub
paint: Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore

When I saw the vanity above while browsing Houzz, I immediately fell in love (by the way, check out the sidebar - I added a link to my Houzz Ideabook!).  Lucky for me, we found an amazing cabinet guy through my uncle and he was able to re-create the vanity for us using various cabinetry pieces.  I am stoked to see it in person.  The base cabinets are from Merillat's Portrait series and will be in the Sable color.

I love the mirrors that are pictured and I'm desperately trying to find non-Restoration Hardware versions.  As much as I adore their Vintage Oval Pivot Mirror, I can't bring myself to pay that much.  I've found similar versions that are frameless, but I prefer the look of the frame.  Our local Restoration Hardware Outlet has several brass versions for less than $40 if anyone is looking for an amazing mirror in brass!  Or if anyone knows how to turn a brass mirror chrome without it looking cheap, I'm all ears.

The freestanding tub was actually our first house purchase.  We found it on sale at Menards and ordered it a couple of months ago.  It's currently sitting in their warehouse and I'm waiting for the day they call to tell us we finally have to pick it up.  I'm hopeful that call doesn't happen until we have a garage to store it in, but I'm guessing it'll end up in the kitchen at our condo at least temporarily.

The tile is still my biggest unknown.  Hubby and I had both agreed on a simple subway tile before meeting with the Designer.  While discussing our selection, however, the Designer highly encouraged us to choose a larger tile due to the upkeep of smaller subway tiles.  Apparently the skinny grout lines are more difficult to keep clean in the long run - especially if we were to have gone with the white tiles and light/white grout we'd originally picked out.  As sad as I was to give up the aesthetics, I know it's best for the long run.

I really like the vein-cut tile we picked out as our second choice but it only comes in 12x24 tiles.  There is a cross-cut pattern in the same family, but I just don't like it quite as much.  Our current selections include the 12x12 cross-cut tiles laid in a diagonal/diamond pattern on the floor.  The shower  has the 12x24 vein-cut tiles laid horizontally with a couple of rows of the 12x12 tiles laid diagonally on top.  And the tub surround is just the 12x24 tiles laid horizontally.  Hopefully the sketch below helps visualize what I so poorly explained - at least for the shower!

I'm not sure that I'm totally sold on the diagonal floor pattern.  It's more than likely one of those things I'd stop noticing eventually, but I really like the look of more rectangular tiles.  Ugh.  I just need to make up my mind!   And any thoughts on not doing a tub surround?  I raised the question with the Designer but haven't heard back yet.  I'm thinking of doing wainscoting instead.

Anyway, to help pull it all together, here is our rough floor plan.  The area on the top right corner is a small pass-through from the bedroom to the master bath (shown) and walk-in-closet (not shown, but slightly smaller and on the right).

Other details that still need finalized - paint color (I'm thinking a blue/gray like shown), whether or not to hang a small TV by the tub, lighting, mirrors, hardware ... and I'm sure several other things I'm currently not thinking about.  At least it's a start!

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