Sunday, November 25, 2012

day 21

What a difference a few days away makes!  We headed out of town on Wednesday morning to visit family for Thanksgiving and made a pit-stop at the Lot on our way to the interstate.  The framing crew was there so we were able to chat with the foreman for a bit.  He asked if there was anything special we'd like for him to do or consider and Keith and I looked at each other dumbfounded.  What unique things can be done with framing or putting down the sub floor?  Suggestions, anyone?
[foggy morning - day 17]
We were thankful they were working the week of Thanksgiving, so we quickly made another pit-stop for muffins to drop off before starting our trip.  E was thrilled once we were finally on I-94 and heading South!
[excited to see family!  and, yes, the Illini will always trump the Badgers in this house]
We filled our time home with family and friends and tried to avoid thinking about the house.  Wednesday night we were thankful to enjoy a night out to dinner and a musical (West Side Story!) with my parents, aunt and uncle.  E had just as much fun with his Gram-Gram and Papa K!  Thanksgiving Day was spent at my in-laws, where I was in charge of the non-traditional coconut cream pies.

My father-in-law is a woodworker (and a fantastic one at that) and agreed to make us a dining table for the new house.  On Friday morning, we headed to a guy's house that my mother-in-law had located on Craigslist and picked out some amazing reclaimed, old growth pine.  I am beyond excited for this table.  He planed a sample piece and with a simple finish of linseed oil, the wood is shining.  Simply beautiful.  It'll be worthy of a blog post on it's own.
[old growth pine - my soon-to-be dining table]
We spent Friday evening in Springfield at the Festival of Trees and E loved seeing the lights, riding the train with Papa D, making a craft and viewing Santa...from afar.  Just like last year, he was excited to see the Man in Red, until he was the next kiddo in line.  Maybe we'll try again in a few weeks.

Hubby went rabbit hunting on Saturday morning, but it was otherwise a lazy day to relax with family.  And this morning, we were able to celebrate my sister's birthday with her!  Omelets and Cold Stone cookie dough cake - all before noon - is the perfect start to a travel day!  

Upon arriving back in Cheese Country, we were greeted with the glorious shots below!  We barely made it back before dark, so they're not the greatest photos, but oh-my-goodness was it exciting to see so much work complete.  I was distracted when we turned onto the main road by our house and didn't get the first glimpse that Hubby did.  He immediately made me close my eyes and I was shocked to pull up and see a floor, framing and sheathing hung.  In fact, we arrived just as the crew was wrapping up for the day (and, yes, it's a Sunday).  I felt bad they were out working, but I think it's a race against the snow at this point.  

[fireplace on the left - dining room picture window in the center - master suite on the right]
[looking East from living room - bedroom, bathroom, bedroom]
[view of living room from foyer - still missing a few walls]
[looking West - still need to frame the flex room, kitchen wall, powder room & laundry room]
[view from the Northeast corner]
It sounds like the roof materials will be there tomorrow and then the framing crew will be back again on Tuesday.  Hopefully we'll have a full roof overhead by end of week.

Other To Do items for this week: follow-up with the Designer on remaining selections, finalize the fireplace, meet with our Construction Manager, research dining room table finishes and survive a busy work week, including month-end, audit and our annual forecast.  For now, I'm hoping the "can't believe we have walls" high carries me through at least Thursday!

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