Saturday, November 17, 2012

day 13

Lucky day 13!  It was beautiful today in Cheese Country so we started the morning by attending a local Holiday Parade with friends.  The kiddos had a blast and I couldn't believe how intently they watched the helium balloons, listened to the marching bands and oogled over the animals.  Oddly - I just realized there weren't any firetrucks in the parade today.  I'm glad E didn't remind me I'd promised he'd see some!  That kid's memory amazes me.
[snacks while we waited for the parade to begin]

[me and my little man]

[the incredibly funny and well-behaved wee ones]

After the parade and lunch, we decided to run past the Lot on our way home.  (I debated writing home there - this condo really doesn't feel like home.  But, it's the closest we have to it right now.  E calls it the 'temporary house', which is incredibly cute, but I sometimes fear what others think when he says we're going to the 'temporary house'.  Do they think we're homeless?  Or that he's staying with others temporarily, almost like foster care?  I worry too much.  End digression.)  

Anyway, we were surprised to see that they'd made further progress.  When we drove by on the main road, we saw the bright yellow excavator standing by and assumed they were ready to start back-filling next week.  As we got closer, we saw that it had already been done!  The support beams are up, the yard has been roughly graded and everything has been filled in.
[view from our future shower]
[checking out the work!]
["They're strong enough to hold me, Mom!"]
[view from the future back porch]
[looking west]
[looking east]
[garage - looking southeast]
[insert your own caption - I have no idea!]
[I'm not sure that bucket has ever had something cuter inside]
[silly faces!]
[ready to do some work]
Hubby did uncover a cracked drain tile when he and E were exploring the basement, so we'll have to follow up with our Construction Manager on that.  Otherwise, it's fun to see things changing again!  We don't have a lot of hope that progress will be made next week during Thanksgiving, so any movement will be a pleasant surprise.

[the sad, broken tile]
Can't wait to see the framing start to go up!  In the mean time, you can find me driving the Designer at our Builder's office crazy.  I fired off a bullet-pointed e-mail of various questions for him on Thursday night.  Poor guy is learning just how picky and indecisive I am.  It's overwhelming to imagine how all of these small decisions will come together to a form a hopefully unified and cohesive, warm and inviting home.  At least I hope that's what happens.  It will be, right?

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