Monday, November 12, 2012

day 5 (on day 8)

We have basement walls!  They poured the foundation on Friday and we were able to stop out Saturday morning to check it out.  E loved exploring the construction site and especially enjoyed trying to clean up the mess.  If I hadn't spent four days in labor with him and didn't know better, I'd swear he wasn't my child.

At this point, it's our understanding that the visible progress will slow down a bit.  The walls need to sit over a week before the area is back filled.  And, with Thanksgiving being next week, we've been told that they probably won't start framing until the following week.  I'm still not sure when the porches and garage and basement floors will be poured, though.

Hubby spoke to our construction manager for the first time on Friday.  He's new with our Builder but said that he'd been in the business for years.  Hopefully we'll have a chance to meet up with him for coffee or something soon.  Hubby already warned the Builder that I wouldn't be happy if the 'new guy' slowed things down.  Ha!  

Now, on to the fun stuff - new photos!

[view from the corner of the garage]

[moving buckets with sock monkey's supervision]

[our little construction manager]

[dirt pile!]

[windows on the east side of the basement]

[standing on the future driveway]

[view from the northwest corner]

[checking things out!]

[just re-arranging and cleaning up a bit]

[no comment necessary.  the cuteness kills me.]

[finally lined up and in order]
I had a meeting at my old office today and drove home in snow flurries.  I was really hoping we'd be able to get the roof on before snow, but I've officially been jinxed.  Let's hope the bad stuff holds out for a while longer!  In the mean time, Hubby is making sure the snow blower is in working order... just in case.

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