Thursday, February 14, 2013

day 102

I feel like we should have had a big 100 day celebration... but I totally missed it.  Ooops.  Instead, want to see what has happened up until day 102?

Here's the high level summary:
Day 96/97 - drywall work - taping and mudding
Day 98 - rest day!
Day 99/100 - drywall work - sanding and touchups
Day 101/102 - stone work and cabinet delivery

And the proof is in the details:

[master bedroom - see the boards on the floor?  they're hiding a hole.]
[pretty purple master bath]
[nice and smooth kitchen and living room]

We had been to the house on Saturday (day 97) and were aware that the drywall work had been started.  I was awarded a (much needed) fun day with one of my girlfriends on Sunday and then I spent Monday through Wednesday avoiding/caring for the sick boys in my house.  Staying away to avoid sickness yet being around enough to provide care is an interesting balance.  The good news is, everyone seems to be healthy now!

So, all that to say - I hadn't been to the house since Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to see a crew out laying stone this morning.

I like the stone in person much more than I do in these photos.  Let's blame the iPhone camera?  I think I'll like everything even more once the front door is stained to match the garage doors.  And once the posts are finished.  I have the worst timing imaging how everything comes together.  Usually, I find a photo of what I like and then try to replicate it (e.g. our master bathroom).  For the exterior of the house, I really haven't been able to do that.  It drives me crazy.  But I think it drives my Hubby even more crazy.  If he hears another "I'm not sure" or "I don't think I like it anymore", I might be looking for a roommate!

The real reason for my visit to the house this morning was to accept delivery of our cabinets.  Aren't they pretty?

I'm super excited for them to be installed.  But first - priming, paint and floors.  We're getting closer!  I dropped off our paint samples with the Builder this morning and am told painting is supposed to start next week.  Then, some more magic and hopefully we'll be moving in towards the beginning of April.  My patience is getting thinner...especially as we start to get calls for showings again on the Condo.  As unready as I am to pack up and move again, I seriously can't wait to be in our house.  Our home.  This Condo still doesn't feel like home and I truly miss that feeling.

In the mean time?  I'll continue to love on the cuties I get to call my Valentines.  Aren't they sweet?


  1. Love the house! I, too, found it on Pinterest. Can you tell me what brand/color the siding and shingles are? They work great together. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Cam! Thanks so much for stopping by. The siding is Quest Double 5" by Mastic in Harbor Grey, the shake is 7" Weathered Split Shake by The Foundry in Colonial Grey and I'm pretty sure the roof shingles are Cambridge AR by IKO in Charcoal Grey. So much Grey :)

  3. I love the color of the garage doors! Any idea about the color on those!

  4. Thanks for posting pics. We're building a house using the exact siding and a similar shake color. Looks great!

  5. Love the house! Could you share with me the brand/type of stone you used and the color?