Monday, February 4, 2013

day 92

It's Monday.  And I'm scatterbrained.  And I'm not in the mood to write proper sentences or use correct grammar.  Therefore, it's time for a list.

1. I met our Construction Manager at the house during lunch to talk through what's to come, go over placement of our master bath mirrors and resolve an issue the drywall crew left behind.  He told me that they should be adding the attic insulation today or tomorrow and then they'll start heating the house up to finish the drywall work.  Also, the siding is finally done along the garage!  They just need to finish the trimwork on the porch and box in the columns.

2. We ordered our kitchen faucet last week and are getting varying estimated ship dates.  Hopefully it ships sooner rather than later.  We finally decided on the Pfister Wheaton in a stainless steel finish.  We're not going to install the soap dispenser because the one at our old house never worked properly.

Pfister Wheaton faucet from
3. We also ordered our dimmers and fan controls last week.  I can honestly say they were some of the least exciting things to pick out so far.
[images from Pro Lighting]
Left to Right: Lutron 3-way Fan Control, Lutron Fan Control & Dimmer, Lutron 3-way Dimmer

4. I had a wall texture crisis today.  I'd really prefer a smooth drywall finish.  I personally think it looks cleaner.  However, it's expensive.  And I've spent a lot of money on other upgrades recently. So, we're sticking with texture.  But I don't remember what texture.  Aye.  The Builder is going to confirm with me tomorrow.

5. Our house cleaner comes tomorrow.  I have no desire to finish picking up the condo.  Or to go to the bank for cash.  But I'll be glad for it tomorrow night.

6. Have you seen the IKEA Rast side table?  It's unimpressive on it's own but there are some amazing hacks out there.  I'm seriously considering trying to replicate a couple of these.  Could be fun, no?

[Rast Side Table by IKEA]
[Rast side table hack by A Charming Nest]
7. Our cabinets are now scheduled to be delivered next Thursday or Friday.  I'm hoping for Thursday.  Happy Valentines Day to me!  I'm so ready to see them installed.  Not sure if I'm more excited about the kitchen or master bath vanity.

8. I still need to order our cabinet hardware.  I have the kitchen knobs and pulls picked out but I'm still not sure what I'm doing in the bathrooms.

9.  I also need to order toilet paper holders and towel bars/hooks/rings.  I'm leaning towards the Sussex line at Pottery Barn but I'm still on the lookout for something cheaper but still high quality.  We've been to Lowe's and Menards.  Maybe Home Depot will come through for us?

[Sussex Towel Ring by Pottery Barn]
[Sussex Paper Holder by Pottery Barn]
10. That's all I have but it seemed weird to end a list on 9. 

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