Saturday, February 23, 2013

day 104

I had a work conference all week and am just now downloading the photos I took last weekend.  Better late than never, eh?

The stone work is done!  The masonry team started on Wednesday (day 101) and was finished the next day.  It looks great in person and I think will look even better once the front door has been stained.  It's so hard to tell from small samples how things will ultimately look and the stone is one area where the samples weren't quite representative of the full product.  Hubby likes it more than he was expecting to and I like it slightly less.  It's growing on me, though.

[does it get much cuter than this?  the hands in the pockets melt my heart.]

The piece of trim that is missing above the front porch drives me crazy.  I'm pretty sure it was fixed this past week, though.  Amazing how a simple thing can make such a difference.  Also?  I'm anxious to see the front pillars built up the rest of the way.  We really wanted to bring the stone higher, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth the cost.  I'm sure seeing the upper sections boxed in and painted will make a big difference on the overall curb appeal.

Our main reason to stop by the house was to measure for our dining table (first mentioned here).  I want a large table, but because it's not going to have leaves, I want to make sure it's not too big for the space.  We ultimately decided on a 7-1/2 foot long table that's at least 42-inches wide.

The cardboard cutout was done to size, so it gave us a nice idea of what we'll be working with.  I'm planning to put a buffet along the wall on the right and may add a small bar cart behind the patio door on the left.  We're also thinking of doing a mix of upholstered chairs, wooden chairs and a long bench.  I like the casual look of the mixed seating but wonder if a bench would just be too big and bulky.

We also attempted to tape out the cabinets.  I say attempted because I'm pretty sure we weren't all that close.  Between a certain two-year old that liked to move the tape, the tape not sticking well to the texture residue on the floor covering and a cheap tape measure, we gave up before we'd finished.

Can you tell how excited a certain someone was to be out there?  His patience is wearing thin now that he can't run between walls and get into things.  I can't say I blame him, though.  Drywall isn't really all that entertaining.

The other thing accomplished that week (on Friday, day 103) was the wall texture being applied.  Nothing too exciting about this photo, but the walls have since been painted and I'm anxious to get out to the house to see the colors up.  Fingers crossed the colors actually match the small swatches I selected them from and I'm happy with the results!


  1. What kind of stone and paint color is your house?

    1. Hi Stephanie! We actually have vinyl siding; it's Quest Double 5" by Mastic in Harbor Grey and the shake is 7" Weathered Split Shake by The Foundry in Colonial Grey. Our stone is from Dutch Quality Stone and is their Weather Ledge in Prestige. Hope that helps!

  2. Are the paint colors from Sherwin Williams on other brand materials? We are building and the most difficult decision we have left is the exterior colors. Your selection is PERFECT and EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

  3. what color is your trim? White or cream?