Sunday, February 3, 2013

day 90

The drywall is up!  It's looking more and more like a house.  The two bedrooms look a little smaller than I'd hoped and our master closet seems even larger, but otherwise everything is just right!  It's at a point where I'm starting to visualize flooring, paint, cabinets and even furniture.  Exciting stuff.

We met a potential painter at the house Saturday morning.  His price was reasonable but I'm having  a hard time with the thought of paying someone else to paint.  It's certainly something I can do myself.  And have done myself.  I'm just enamored with the thought of having super straight lines along the ceiling.  What to do, what to do?

While Hubby was chatting with the painter, E and I walked around to check things out.  After awhile, E started getting super antsy (honestly, I didn't blame him) and ultimately started acting out.  Once I'd exhausted my list of distractions and he, again, blatantly ignored something I'd asked him not to do, I felt I'd been lenient enough and needed to discipline a bit.  It's not very easy to take something away in an empty house and he wasn't exactly listening, so I ultimately had him 'take a break' in a closet that wasn't full of nails or drywall scraps.  Of course, he immediately started crying "Mommy - let me out of the closet!" and "Mommy, don't put me in a closet".  I should add I was standing beside him the entire time, it wasn't a tiny closet and there obviously aren't doors on at this point.  Also, I can assure you this is the only time I've ever put my child in a closet.  Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that he doesn't start telling everyone I put him in a closet.  Could you imagine?  Aye.

After meeting the painter, we dropped E off with one of his favorite sitters and headed to look at the dresser we'd found on Craigslist.  It ended up being just what we were looking for and we're now the proud owners of a 6-drawer dresser that's waiting to be re-finished.  I keep changing my mind on the color and look I'm going for, though.  Pinterest has so many fun ideas!

The rest of the weekend has been somewhat lazy.  We started the morning snuggled on the floor in sleeping bags, watching a movie.  E received a sleeping bag last Christmas but is just now getting excited about it.  I brought it out the other day because I'd forgotten to wash his daycare bedding, but it only lasted at school one day.  He insisted we bring it home that night and he has been sleeping with it since.

I've been trying to get the condo in order because the piles of boxes are continuing to drive me insane.  I did manage to find a new home for all of the lighting fixtures to be stacked.  They were previously piled in the entryway, as well as the kitchen.  This mountain, as E called it, is still missing a large fan and all of the can lights that the electrician is providing.  We should have a well-lit house!

Otherwise, laundry is close to being caught up again and I've started going through a few of the catch-all boxes we'd packed.  And, because the table was stacked with Goodwill donations from cleaning out boxes, we ate lunch at the counter.  Don't ask me why, but my two year old loves salad.  I'm thankful, but confused.


When I was downloading a few of the images about my from phone, I came across the one below that I'd forgotten about.  We decided to hit up Lowe's last weekend (the paint swatch trip) and I was worried about E behaving since it was close to dinner time.  Nothing a trip through the McD drive-thru and a 'cool cart' couldn't fix.  Please tell me I'm not the only one to keep my child content with a Happy Meal on occasion.  And, yes, I was one of those parents that swore I'd never feed my child fast food.  Funny how things change.

Also, see the giraffe pacifier (aka the Wubba Nubba)?  The kid has never taken a pacifier yet he still carries that thing around.  Silly boy.  But he's an awfully amazing silly boy.  Point in case?  He just crawled up on my lap, told me "I love you best mommy!" and planted a kiss on my face.  I think that's my sign to wrap this up and snag some snuggles.

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  1. I love reading your blog! We are getting bids together for ours and all the decisions that come with it.. What did you guys do with your ceilings, are they textured? We are meeting with a drywaller next week so will learn more, but want to get some ideas.. Thanks!