Friday, February 1, 2013

day 88

In typical me fashion, I've been wondering if we made the right choices on our granite selections.  I hadn't said anything to Hubby because (1) I think he's sick of hearing me second guess everything and (2) I knew he loved both the master bath and kitchen granite.  After going through paint samples last night (which I hate doing, by the way), I finally opened up and made my confession.  Much to my surprise, I learned that he wasn't completely sold on the granite in the main bathroom either.  At that point, the "oh crud, what should be do" set in.

I was supposed to meet up with our granite team today so that I could compare paint samples with the floor samples, cabinets and granite selections.  So, I fired off a quick e-mail with my concerns and we agreed to look at new remnants, as well.  Much to my surprise, I ended up sticking with my original choice.  I'm learning more than ever that my initial decisions are usually the right ones and that I just need to stick with my gut instinct.  The coffee brown really wasn't as dark as I remembered and I think it will be easier to accessorize with brighter colors than some of the other choices.  Plus, it goes really well with our cabinets and tile.  Well, at least I think it does.  I hope it does.

I should probably back up a bit.  Early in the building process, we'd decided that we would wait to paint until we'd lived in the house for a while.  I hate picking out paint colors (partly due to my indecisiveness but mostly due to the fact I can never seem to find the exact color I have in mind).  I also hated the thought of locking into colors now when I'm not really sure what furniture, curtains, rugs, etc. I'll be using.

Well, sometime last weekend, I realized it would be really silly of us to wait to paint the kitchen and bathrooms until later.  I hate taping.  I don't have a steady hand.  And I really despise the thought of cutting in around brand new cabinets and fixtures.  Not sure why I didn't think of that earlier.  My sudden realization soon turned into a trip to Lowe's for paint samples and then an e-mail to our granite gal and then another frantic e-mail to the designer (just last night) to request floor samples.  Phew.

Lucky for me, everything came together today and I think we have paint colors finalized for the master bathroom, main bathroom and kitchen/dining area.  I'll probably try to paint the powder room, as well, but it should be pretty easy (ha!) to make that selection.  How hard can matching a paint color, a hardwood floor and a white toilet and pedestal sink be?  Okay, don't answer that.

The samples I have from Lowe's look very different than what my screen is showing above.  I'm hoping the in-store versions are correct, because the colors I pulled from the Valspar website look very purple, blue and peach.  Thank goodness for those cheap sample jars -- saving homes all over America from bad paint jobs!

I took quick photos of the flooring, cabinets, paint samples and granite selections together, but they're not very representative of true colors.  I need to return the flooring samples tomorrow so photos taken using overhead lights at 10:30 pm were the best I could do.  I did take a couple of photos of the kitchen selections at the granite fabricators, as well.  Our actual granite slabs are very different than the sample I was given, so the first photos are most representative of the paint with our granite.  I really like how well it matches up with the grey in the stone.

Update: I started drafting this post last night but when I dropped off the floor samples today, I think we found an even better paint color for the main bath.  It's called Nantucket Dune by Sherwin Williams.

Now, I just need to figure out if we're going to do the painting ourselves or hire it out.  I like the price of doing it myself but I like the thought of the very crisp ceiling line a professional would offer.  Decisions, decisions.

In other news?  There is a rumor floating around that drywall started going up today.  A certain someone in this relationship was unable to contain his curiosity and stopped by the house tonight.  I can't wait to go out in the morning to see how it looks!  We're also planning to pick up a Craigslist dresser tomorrow morning.  For only $75, I'm ready to make this solid maple beauty mine!  I think it will be stunning once sanded and painted.  Which means I'm back to the drawing board on picking out paint colors.  Aye.

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